Sunday, October 4, 2009

Range Day

Today was our day at the shooting range.....sort of.

We got here about lunch time, had a quick bite to eat, and got sorted out to leave. Bob wanted to stay here and watch a football game, so we were on our own to find the range. Since he gave us directions--and since we've been there before--we didn't figure it would be too big a problem.

What none of us counted on was that the county has done some major work on the roads out there recently, and put up a street name sign at a new intersection they created, and we couldn't find the range. We wandered up and down for almost an hour before we finally figured out where we were going.

Once we were at the range it didn't take long. I just wanted to check the zero on my H&R and make sure it hadn't shifted, and then see what it was doing at 100 yards. I bumped it just a little to the right, and ascertained that it's about an inch high at 100, and I was done. Rick didn't take any longer.

It's just as well. It was 40 degrees and drizzling in where we were in Sheridan, and 34 degrees and snowing back up at Bob's house.

We're not sure yet what we're doing in the morning. We'll have to see how much snow there is and how icy the roads are. We may hunt deer in some of the walk-in areas around here and save the antelope for Tuesday or Wednesday. The roads going out to where we're going to hunt antelope could be treacherous.

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