Friday, November 20, 2009

Deals for Dog Lovers

Since I write about retail for the most part, I tend to run into a lot of neat products that aren't necessarily all that well known. So since the holidays are approaching, I thought I'd make some lists of items that you might like to find under the tree.

I'm going to start with a list of stuff for hunting dogs, since I have a weakness for any breed that gets out there and works the way a good hunting dog does.

First aid:

One of the best things you can give your hunting buddy is a knowledge of pet first aid. Take Gene King's Pet First Aid & CPR course here in Tampa; he arranges times by request, with a minimum of 10 people. So get your hunt club together and find out what do to if your dog gets hurt in the field.

Creative Pet Products has their basic Bow Ow Kit for around the house, and Sporting Dog and Sporting Dog II kits for in the field. Also check out their book on what to do in emergency, "Practical Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats."

Ready Dog Products has first aid kits for high performance dogs. And if you ever have the opportunity to talk to Terry Wilson, the owner of Ready Dog, he has a story about an injured black Lab that will make a believer of you.

Ugly Dog Company leans more toward retriever gear in general, but they also have first aid kits.

Protective Gear:

It's not just about what happens after your dog gets hurt, but keeping him from getting hurt in the first place.

Go to FidoGear for all sorts of protective dog gear, including a floatation vest and a belly protector. All FidoGear's products are made in the USA, and are fitted to your dog's measurements.

Ugly Dog Company also has a chest protector and boots. Think boots are just for snow and ice? Get into a field of Florida sandspurs!

And we can't forget Remington, which has a chest protector, an orange safety vest, and bells for in the field.

Whatever hunting buddy you have, don't wait for Christmas--be sure he's protected throughout hunting season from whatever comes along.

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