Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adult toys to potatoes

What do adult sex toys and potatoes have in common?

They're both topics I'm writing about today. This morning I finished up a profile of an adult toy manufacturer located in England, Je Joue.

Now I'm writing about how the late spring flooding affected potato growers in northeast Florida.

What I really want to do is go take a nap..........

Alas, Spudman awaits. Yes, that really is the name of the magazine I'm doing the potato story for.


  1. OK, I supposed that this is a gag, but as publicity tactic is excellent, congratulations. Also, I wonder if is possible to make adult toyswith potatoes.

  2. Why would you think this is a gag? Absolutely not. I have written for every magazine you can imagine. During May of this year I wrote three pieces for Adult Novelty Business on vibrators, and the next story I wrote was for a Christian retail magazine. That was before the piece on the effects of the Florida weather on potato growers in the state. Other topics I've covered include pet products, making homemade wine, the fishing tackle business, the timber business, the pallet industry, the garden center business, and how to sell more guns. I've even done a little fiction along the way, but I admit it was very little!

    You see, Carl, a good writer can write about anything, and I pride myself on being a good writer.

    So yes, I have covered all those topics, and no, it's not a gag.

    Although I certainly do hope it's good publicity.........