Friday, June 19, 2009

Domestic crisis 101

One thing about working at home is that you never miss out on a domestic crisis. This evening when my son Chris went out to mow the yard, he bumped the outside faucet along the fence.

That wouldn't have been a problem except that the standpipe has been there since the 1970s and the PVC has gotten brittle. Next thing Chris knew, we had a high velocity geyser in the back yard.

He thought it was a catastrophe. I laughed at him and sent him out to the street to turn off the water, and then showed him how simple it is to cut off a split piece of PVC with a hacksaw. Then I headed out to Home Depot for a new elbow and some pipe dope.

I made him fix it. After all, he won't learn unless he does it a few times. But the water is back on, the yard is mowed, and now it's time for me to clean up the kitchen.

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